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Uzbek Official Unleashes Torrent of Abuse at Cotton Meeting November 21, Intimidation, threats, and humiliation used to meet cotton quotas Berlin, November 21, — The head of the Parkent district administration of the Tashkent region, Nematulla Abdullaev, held a minute meeting on November 1,during which he Sluts in ord abusive and insulting language to humiliate and intimidate Sluts in ord heads of organizations, enterprises, and community leaders for not sending enough people to pick cotton and meet quotas. The head prosecutors of the same districts, Jamshid Fayziev and Shokhmukhamedbek Mukhamadjanov, were also dismissed from their positions.

During the November 1 meeting, Abdullaev, hokim of the Parkent district administration, mentioned these dismissals and demanded that Sluts in ord use any means to meet cotton quotas. He said that Abdullayev questioned every official who had not sent enough people to pick cotton and accused them of tampering with reports on the cotton harvest, threatening, humiliating, and insulting them using deeply offensive language. Cotton production in Uzbekistan has long relied on government-orchestrated systematic forced labor. Inthe Uzbek government has taken some steps to acknowledge and address forced labor, including recalling university students and some education and medical workers from the fields on September Sluts in ord World Bank has acknowledged the risk of forced and child labor linked to its projects that benefit the agricultural sector in Uzbekistan and attached a series of mitigation measures, including the hotlines, to the terms and conditions of its finance agreement.

The World Bank can suspend loans if there is credible evidence of violations of these conditions in Kinky sex date in tokmak areas. Despite these Sluts in ord, independent monitoring by the Uzbek-German Forum during the harvest has exposed ongoing forced labor. The central government continues to require regional Sluts in ord district officials to meet cotton harvesting quotas. These Sluts in ord, including Abdullaev of the Parkent district, forcibly mobilize public sector employees, people receiving public benefits, business owners, and others to harvest cotton or under threat of penalty or pay for the cost of replacement workers.

In Sluts in ord September, the head of a kindergarten in the Parkent region complained to Elena Urlaeva, a human rights activist who monitors forced labor, that Abdullaev required her to provide the district administration with a list of kindergarten staff who would pick cotton. According to the head of the kindergarten, FTUU representatives then visited her to accuse her of providing the information to Urlaeva, threatening her, and telling her to rescind her statement. Urlaeva then filed a complaint with the FTUU hotline regarding the situation. The FTUU told Urlaeva that it would investigate but no steps appeared to have been taken at the time of writing.

Are you hitting back now or what? I will disembowel you, any of you sluts. Whores, do you think you are allowed to do anything unless I say it, you sluts. Move your asses and make sure you send your people to pick cotton. Real people should pick cotton from now on! Stop tampering with reports and figures, fuck you, you sluts. I told you about this 50 times. You make promises like assholes. You go to the fields for five minutes and then tamper with reports, you whores. It says that Parkent District also contributed to the dismissal of the governor and the chief prosecutor of the Tashkent Region from their posts, whores.

It says they could not provide people to pick cotton, fuck you. Have you read this or not? Those who were present at that meeting, read it out for them. Where is Zokir, the whore. A deputy, whore, and where is Dadamatov from a neighbourhood, the whore, who speaks about logistics like a dick. It will be the same this year too. You all stay here. No one is leaving. Is it 17 minutes past ten pm? It is half past ten now. I will talk to you now. You can shove your current reports up your asses. From now on, I will be receiving your reports myself.

In fact it is 41 tons. Who are you deceiving, you sluts? Go and ask Bakhtiyor! This is you, slut, you have no control, you whore. Why has he not come, you whore? Fuck you, you whore! You have also contributed to this, you whore, to the dismissal of the governor of the region, you whore, to the dismissal of the chief prosecutor. You make empty promises, you whore. You are the head of a big enterprise, and why do you report that you have sent this number of people to pick cotton, you prick? Fuck you, you whore. Have your 20 people picked? What could I do if there is no cotton? You, suck my dick. I will fuck you in your cunt, fuck you, you whore.

I will talk to you separately! I will disembowel ten people like you and push your intestines back up your asses. Where is the leader, whore, show me, you whore. Where are those 20 people? There is the unit leader. He is here with me… Abdullaev: Where is the leader of your unit? Kholmurod is here… Abdullaev: Where is your Kholmurod? You will show me how much cotton you have picked, you whore, you slut. Did you hear me? You should be where you are supposed to be, fuck you, as of yesterday, you will answer for everything. Criminal proceedings have been launched against four people, including the head of the Bekobod district administration, the prosecutor and chief of police.

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When the prosecutor comes, I will fuck any of you in your cunt, you whores. Where are the rest? Attempts to explain Abdullaev: Why have you come, you prick? It takes one-and-a-half hours to travel to Parkent, whore. Is everything clear with colleges? You report that one-and-a-half tons of cotton has been picked, but in fact it is kilos? It is one-and-a-half tons in the report, but there are reductions. I was told that you were ill. The six of you sit here and report to me. Yesterday you reported that you picked three tons. In reality it was kilos, at most, you slut.

Should there not be one-and-a-half tons? If there are 74 people, they will pick that number of kilos even if they are blind, you motherfucker. There is no more first harvest. Everyone is picking the second harvest, you slut. I visited the place myself yesterday. We will do our best.

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If you have ten people, it should be kilos.

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I have mobilized all staff from the tax department. No, 30 kilos for every person. For not picking cotton. When the prosecutor comes, I will fuck any of you in your cunt, you whores. Everything is clear to me….

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